2023 High School Fair Winners

Thank you to all the students who entered projects into the fair this year, the teachers and mentors who supported them, and the judges who devoted hours of their time to our students’ presentations! We couldn't do this without your creative and innovative ideas. Also, a great big thank you to the sponsors and committee members for making the fair possible.  

First place winners qualify to enter ISEF Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair.

All winners qualify to enter the Massachusetts Science and Engineering Fair (MSEF).

Winners and participating schools will be contacted via email with details on how to register for these fairs. All participants will receive feedback from the judges via their contact teacher. 

Congratulations to all the winners!

Check out some photos from this year's fair here!

1st Place Award Winners and ISEF Representatives

Affordable On-Orbit Millimetric Orbital Debris Detection and Characterization 

by Nevin Thinagar

Mass Academy of Math and Science

The effectiveness of a standardized mixture of antioxidants as a preventative treatment for PTSD and its symptoms in C. elegans 

by Anshika Shekhar

Mass Academy of Math and Science

2nd Place Award Winners

Control System for an Autonomous Sailboat 

by Caden Ashmore

Grafton High School

Leveraging Differential Gene Expression Analysis and Agent-Based Modeling to Detect Biomarkers of Brain Cancer Subtypes

by Rianna Santra

Mass Academy of Math and Science

A Hybrid Locomotion Delivery Drone with Foldable Wing Mechanism

by Shuhan Luo

Worcester Academy 

The Electrolytic Extraction of Dawsonite from Ocean Water: Efficient Saltwater Mineral Recovery through Electrolysis  

by Disha Mudenur, Dylan Striek, and Rylee Blair

Hopkinton High School

3rd Place winners

In Silico Non-Coding RNA and Stemness Assaying for Tumor Proliferation 

by Sahithi Pogula

Hopkinton High School

Analysis of Photon Polarization in Quantum Information Systems 

by Ayush Gopal 

Westborough High School 

Utilizing Hypermagnesemia to Understand the Impact of Neuromuscular Blocking Agents on Caenorhabditis Elegans: A Safe Novel Automated Model for Paralytic Drug Testing 

by Srilakshmi Venkatesan

Hopkinton High School

Attenuating social isolation-induced sickness behavior in D. melanogaster using minocycline 

by Sophie Chiang

St. Mark’s School 

Using Raspberry Pi to Enhance Security for Packages and Mail 

by Aniketh Mahesh

Shrewsbury High School

Using Inverted Airfoils to Generate Downforce to Strengthen Residential Houses’ Structural Integrity During Category 4 and 5 Hurricanes and Tornadoes 

by Xinyuan (Yolanda) Zhou

St. Mark’s School 

The Effects Of Microplastics On Cell Growth 

by Alexander Teymurazyan

Wachusett Regional High

Agitating for pond health: controlling algae growth using a surface-level underwater impeller 

by Nathaniel Dziewietin

Wachusett Regional High

Chlorella Vulgaris: A Model for Photobioreactor Carbon Capture 

by Juliet Findlen

Hopkinton High School

TalkToMe: An Application That Better Detects and Handles Suicidal Situations on Social Media Through ML 

by Isha Nagireddy

Shrewsbury High School

The Effect of Heat Shock Proteins on Inflammation by

Kruthi Gundu

Shrewsbury High School

Role of calcium in resistance to chemotherapy in the Triple Negative Breast Cancer subtype 

by Shivam Goel

Shrewsbury High School

Using Immune Footprints in a Novel Deep Learning Model to Detect Human Diseases 

by Joseph Yu

Mass Academy of Math and Science

Honorable Mention Awards

Using A Mathematical Model to Personalize Keyboard Layouts For Users Missing Digits 

by Amy Chen

Mass Academy of Math and Science

Agriculture Assistance Drone 

by Ansh Hiranandani and Rishab Nair

Westborough High School 

The effects of varying ground surfaces on foot strike hemolysis 

by Krisha Patel

Mass Academy of Math and Science

Optimizing Exoplanet Discovery Via Machine Learning 

by Ragav Iyer

Ashland High School 

Mobile Carbon Capture (MCC) to Green Hydrogen (GH) 

by Maya Sushkin

South High Community 

Speed Detector 

by Anuj Gopal

Westborough High School 

Incorporating Graphite From Pencils as a Component of Lithium Batteries 

by Barry Wang

Shrewsbury High School

Sip Sustainably: The Rheology and Durability of Single-Use Environmentally Friendly Alternatives for Plastic Straws 

by Sierra Kelch

Wachusett Regional High

The Effects of Probiotics on Malnourished Fruit Flies 

by Verena Welch

Wachusett Regional High

Influence of Predator Stress on Courtship Behavior in Male Drosophila 

by Arianne Motakef

St. Mark’s School 

Gesture Recognition with Wearables for Robot Control using Machine Learning 

by Anna Wang

Shrewsbury High School

Predicting Pollution using LSTMs, CNN Feature Extraction, and Residual Refinement by Attention Mechanisms

by Avani Daga, Briana Mallouh, and Tomohiro Oga

Hopkinton High School

The Effectiveness of Algae in Desalination 

by Ekaavli Daga

Wachusett Regional High

Vitsal- Lifesaving Vehicle Conditions Monitoring System 

by Angad Pannu

Shrewsbury High School

Music Visualization Using The Fast Fourier Transform: Finding the Beat 

by Kathryn Adiletta

Worcester Academy

Assessing the Efficacy of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Public Speaking Anxiety 

by Alex Chen

Mass Academy of Math and Science

Differentiating Neurological Disorders Based on MRI Scans of Previous Patients 

by Nihitha Reddy

Mass Academy of Math and Science

The effect of microplastics on the stress response of Daphnia magna by 

Nikhita Varma

Wachusett Regional High

PD-L1 Expression is Upregulated in Tumor Infiltrating Myeloid Cells of Young Tumor Bearing Hosts 

by Anne Tie

Mass Academy of Math and Science

The Relationship Between Cortisol and Visual Working Memory in Different Phases of the Menstrual Cycle 

by Elizabeth Georgules

Bancroft School